Best day of BWE1?

Were you floored by your first moments in Guild Wars 2, or did it just get better and better as the weekend progressed?

Post in the comments section what your favorite day of the weekend was (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), and what you did in the game that day.


2 responses

8 05 2012

It’s a tough call between Friday and Sunday, but I wasn’t raging at Skype on Sunday so I’ll go with that.

I went from level 25ish to level 32 that day. Did a lot of solo exploring early on, then joined forces with Tsskies for the rest of the day.

9 05 2012

Definitely Saturday, it is when I had the most time to play and I spent half of the day on PvE then the other half on PvP.

WvW was really addicting to me, and the PvE I had done on Friday and early Saturday just prepared me for it.

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