The Mass

These three tunes signify the three major areas of the large and dangerous sea north of TSC called The Mass. Exploration of this ocean finally became possible around 250 years after the characters built TSC. In other words, the music here is from the Guild Wars 2 era of the story.

These tunes are going to be a bit more electronic than you would expect from that time, but The Mass is a weird ocean filled with nasty creatures. It is also impossible to cross without a great deal of technology. It’s an unusual setting with unusual music.

Area A – This area is very shallow. It impossible to launch large ships from. It will burn anyone who walks in it during the day because it is stagnant and sits in the sun. The creatures in this area are pretty small, but they jump out of the water so TSC’s ship needs guns to survive it. (The tune itself is a bit chaotic.)

Area B – This is the official “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE” area. The ocean floor suddenly drops a couple thousand miles straight down and the quickest and deadliest monsters have made this drop-off point their home. They will chase any boats crossing the area for a few miles, and there is no guarantee of survival even in TSC’s ship. You need motor technology for a chance to cross this point. (This one is the shortest and most intense.)

Area C – Finally, the safest point. You can see all the way down to the bottom even at night because the water is filled with a type of bacteria that keeps the water clean, clear, florescent and evenly spaced. This means floating over The Mass at night looks kind of like a hotel swimming pool with the underwater lights on. A few of the fish here could feed the entire continent for years. If any of them swim too close to the surface, the ship crashes. (This last song is the most thematic, and likely the best of the three.)

If you just listen to one, I suggest Mass Area C. I think it’s the best.


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