Blaire Varis

Age: 278

Profession: Undecided (Elementalist – Ranger)

Biography: Blaire’s first memories begin in some ruins in a hidden field just outside of Ascalon. Without a trace of her true parents she was forcefully adopted by a band of feminist charr called “Burke” and classified as terrorists by both humans and other charr. Every member of the feminist band was given the name “Burke” including seven-year-old Blaire, it wasn’t until eleven years later when a noble named Rose Everest officially adopted her and changed her name to “Blaire Everest.” During those eleven years, however, she managed to escape the Burkes and live alone in the woods with nobody to keep her company but a squirrel. A talking squirrel with the wisdom of a god.

Blaire’s name changes one last time when she marries Raymond Varis.

Notice: Pretty much anything else I write would spoil the story. Go read it – Link


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