Age: ???

Profession: Warrior

Biography: Myett’s Krewe was in danger. They had unleashed a deadly toxin from a new plant species they had ripped from its roots in Nightmare Court territory. Every asura in the lab was exposed within moments. In a desperate scramble to find an antidote, Myett searched the Arcane Database. However, it was not until he unlocked the Inquest portion of the database that he found a way to save his colleagues and himself. Without the consent of his team, he immediately began tossing together alchemical ingredients as per Inquest instruction. After every last asura had been cured, Myett explained to them what he had just done.

Myett was banished from his Krewe, though his fellow scientists were truly grateful inside. However, they could not show any sign of support for the Inquest’s research methods by using their work so they Krewe did the only thing they figured they could do to atone for their mistake. They threw Myett out of the group, though they did not spread the word of his actions for they had no ill will against him and did not want to see him ridiculed by the rest of the asuran population.

Myett did not want to support the Inquest’s methods either, but he wondered how many important facts would be lost should their research be completely disregarded. After all, ill-gotten or not, their research did save his Krewe. He wondered how many more lives could be saved from research that only the Inquest had yet to perform. He needed a way to use their research while still condemning their ways. He came up with a solution: For every Inquest theory that he used, he would sabotage one of their experiments.

They had a lot of research. He broke a lot of machines.

Eventually out of sympathy for the test subjects, Myett began slaughtering Inquest scientists and guards so that he may free their captives. He thought to himself, “Surely such a destructive nuisance such as I can be showing no support for their methods whether I use their results or not.”


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