Tree Sheltered City

Tree Sheltered City is a settlement which resides far to the west of the map of Tyria in Guild Wars. This story tells the tale of a young man who grows bored of his life as a farmboy and wishes go off exploring other lands. (At the time I didn’t realize I was making such an obvious Star Wars: A New Hope reference, but that’s OK.) Originally my brother and I began this story as a fun little attempt to give our game characters a background, but it blew up into something so huge that I disconnected it from the Guild Wars lore to create an original work. However, with the sequel on it’s way I decided to reintegrate many aspects of the Guild Wars lore and post it here.

Chapter 1 – Catalyst (Desc 3)
Chapter 2 – Go discover the world, son (Desc 3)
Chapter 3 – Seabound vessels and wagons, merchants and locals, men and women (Desc 4)
Chapter 4 – Follow me, Brownie (Desc 3)
Chapter 5 – A father or a wizard? (Desc 2)
Chapter 6 – The village (Desc 3)
Chapter 7 – A new home, again (Desc 3)
Chapter 8 – What happens at night… (Part 1) (Part 2) (Desc 4 P1, Desc 1 P2)
Chapter 9 – All in one day (Desc 2)

The story is currently undergoing heavy description editing. Until I finish, I am labeling the chapters with these numbers:
“Desc 1” is for chapters that were just published and have not yet been re-checked
“Desc 2” is for chapters that have been checked but have not been edited yet
“Desc 3” is for chapters that have been edited but still either require more clarity or content
“Desc 4” is for chapters that were edited to a point where I feel comfortable with
“Desc 5” is for chapters that were extensively edited by myself and others


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