Chapter 1 – Catalyst

Rain storms travel across the world like pirates. They arrive from an ocean then pay an unwelcome visit to some poor unsuspecting town. When the townsfolk see them coming they cover their outdoor valuables and hide away in their houses. Then they stare out their windows waiting for their dark, wet and unwelcome guest to leave. This was the case in small town of Aimmes.

Aimmes resided on the edge of a large island named Navaden and was made up only of five farms, a market and a chapel. Mist rose up from the muddy farmlands and water streamed off the rooftops as the rain poured down. The farmers and their families hid away in their quaint houses and stared gloomily out their windows impatiently waiting for the storm to pass.  A few stall owners at the market remained outside as they scurried around trying to move the rest of their goods into the chapel.

Despite the rest of the town’s mood, one of the residents was in no hurry to see the rain leave. Raymond Varis, a young man of twenty, enjoyed rainy days. He stared eagerly out the window of his father’s small wooden farmhouse with a slight smirk plastered to his unshaven face. Standing a slight bit taller than the average man in Navaden, he had to stoop down to see the sky beyond the glass. With his dark brown eyes he gazed intently through the mist at a nearby mountaintop. His slightly tanned face reflected in the window pane, but his thick wavy auburn hair remained invisible to reflection in the barely lit room. 

The young man turned away from the window and sat down on a vacant chair at the dinner table behind him.

“Isn’t it great out there right now?” he exclaimed enthusiastically to his father James, who sat adjacent to him.

“I can’t get any work done when it does this, Ray.” James commented.

Unlike his son, James had long blonde hair and bore a much darker tan. He was a farmer who had worked up quite a reputation for reliability among the denizens of the island and the nearby northern continent named Tyria. He had connections with every local vendor on the island and also a close relationship with the extremely famous and rich Everest and Aurora families who lived on the mainland. His relationship with one member of the Aurora family was much closer than the others.

Rose Everest, a middle aged woman and very close friend to Raymond and James, also sat at the dinner table. She traveled back and forth from Tyria to the island on a monthly basis and stayed at James’ farm. She was also the closest thing to a mother Raymond had. Raymond lost his real mother, Rachel, before he had the chance to know her.

Rachel was killed by a wild beast while giving birth to him. She was in a nearby town when she felt the baby coming and tried to make it back to James. On her way back to Aimmes she collapsed and a large flying creature saw the opportunity for an easy meal. Fortunately, Rose and a mysterious man were there to save Raymond and scare the creature away, but it was too late for his mother. The man disappeared shortly after saving the infant, but Rose continued to return to Navaden to support Raymond and his father. James and Rose always spent a lot of time together since the incident, but they never showed any signs of being romantically involved.

“Why does the rain always make you happy Raymond?” Rose asked.

“I get this sort of artistic impression,” Raymond explained as he leaned toward the window. “I start to see a whole new layer of architecture and ambiance in everything.
“It really reinforces my desire to create things.”

“I don’t feel it, but I’ll take your word for it.” Rose chuckled.

Raymond rubbed the stubble on his chin then reached his fingertips into his hair and scratched the top of his head. He glanced out the window again and realized the rain stirred up other feelings in him as well. He felt it was time to leave his life as a farmboy behind. He had been thinking about leaving the island for almost a year, but the emotion of the rain made up his mind that evening. He sat there, ignoring the delicious plate of pork on the table in front of him, and gazed out the window at the soaked wheat fields. The storm would soon leave Aimmes, and so would he.

“You know Dad, I think I’ve finally made up my mind.” Raymond declared.

Rose glanced at him with a puzzled look. She tilted her head slightly forward and sideways and stared at him from just under her brow. A few strands of her long black hair fell in front of one of her eyes.

“You mean, about leaving?” James inquired. He did not seem the least bit surprised.

“Yes, I mean it this time. I really need some genuine exploration in my life.”

“I figured you would be on your way out soon.” James Smiled, “I am happy for you, but it will be hard to see you go.”

James looked down at Raymond’s untouched plate of food. Steam no longer arose from the meat. The candle lit room filled with silence. Rose and James stared at Raymond who still gazed out into the mist.

“When exactly are you leaving?” he asked.

“Well I don’t know THAT much yet,” Raymond smirked, “but I do want to go soon.
“I think I will head to Ascalon on the next ship departing here.
“At least from Ascalon I can still see you once a year when you visit the village.”

Raymond had always planned to go to Ascalon, should he leave the island, he knew his father payed annual visits to a village there and also heard it was a great place to live.

“Don’t take the next ship!” Rose shouted then gave Raymond a stern look, but a smile came shortly after.
“I’ll get you a really nice one, I know of one leaving the docks in five days.”

“It’s settled then, dad, I leave in five days.” Raymond announced.

“Wow.” James reacted, “That is a short notice son.”

“I know, but I have wanted to move for quite some time now,” explained Raymond. “It will be hard enough waiting five days now.”

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11 06 2011

I’m glad you linked me to this dude, so far it’s very interesting. A lot of the character’s reactions are authentic, which I enjoy seeing. I’m looking forward to seeing you post more, and seeing how it ties into GW lore.

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