Guild Information

We are a friendly band of Guild Wars 2 pioneers who enjoy exploring the game’s world and all of its features. We may be found stalking partially-annoyed people around Divinity’s Reach, showing off in front of the lads and lasses of Tyria, slaying giant monsters and hoarding everything valuable and pretty to ourselves. If there’s an adventure, we’re on it. If there’s fame and glory to be earned, we’re there. If something seems just plain fun, we won’t miss it. We are knights, and our guild is our kingdom.


Knights of Eminence [Sir]


Balanced PvE/PvP

PvE: We are all about exploration. Hopefully we will be some of the first players to find undiscovered stuff in Tyria around the time of the game’s launch. What about dungeons? Of course we’ll do dungeons!

PvP: Likely (but not restricted to) playing as support roles and small hit and run strike forces in WvW (guarding supply lines/attacking supply lines, also ambushers). We have no plans as of yet to be a super competitive top of the ladder e-sport guild, but that won’t stop us from joining together in competitive matches if we find that fun.

Participation will never be forced, though it will be great to have people join in actively!

Guild attitude

We are a laid back guild. We are all about playing the game, not winning or hosting mandatory events. We do, however, strongly encourage cooperation and social interaction. You will never need a guild leader or officer’s permission to organize an event of your own, whether it be a dance party on the highest point of Divinity’s Reach or an organized WvW raid. Our goal is to make lasting friendships and enjoy an awesome game to its fullest!


Currently there are two of us that share equal leadership in the guild responsibilities and three to four officers. We will likely promote others who we feel are fit to take on leadership roles in the guild. Officers should: Leave their personal feelings behind when dealing with issues of moderation, be the least likely to cause drama and never develop feelings of superiority over the rest of the guild.


We are going for an active small to medium sized guild (10-35 people) possibly more if circumstances provide. We are aware that we likely need to recruit twice the members of our planned guild size to achieve the activity we desire.

In other words: Out of 60 guild members, something like 15-30 of us are likely to be online on the same day.


Again, there is no mandatory meeting, events or contributions to the guild, however, we must still set rules in order to keep the peace.

  • Be kind to not only guild mates but also the general public.
  • Represent our guild positively. If you want to cuss at “noobs” in local chat all day, we don’t want to be associated with you.
  • No scamming at all, anyone, anywhere, ever.
  • No buying gold from third-party sources. Regardless of your oppinions on third-party RMT or ArenaNet’s Gem system, we will not harbor those who support botting and account thefts through funding their illegal business. If you want to buy gold, do it through Gems.
  • Respect one another’s beliefs and opinions.
  • Do not allow people to release the Dark Side in you with mere words.
  • No gossiping about guild members or causing drama. <- THIS DESTROYS GUILDS
  • No swearing in VOIP (voice chat) unless everyone in the channel is fine with it. (Private channel, everyone wearing headphones. etc)
  • Refrain from obscenity in any chat. (Note: Obscenity refers to sexually explicit or disturbingly graphic content. It is different from indecency which is generally OK with us.)

We do not like to restrict chat too much as we do not want our members to ever be afraid of communicating. Got something silly to say? Go ahead. Want to rant about how your dungeon PuG wiped on the first room? Sure. Got complaints about guild leaders’ or officers’ public conduct? Speak up! As long as you aren’t attempting to slander a single officer, causing drama or discussing private issues we respect your feedback on our leadership and moderation.

If someone is breaking the rules while officers are not around, take evidence and present it to us via PM. If we see fit to kick someone from the guild, we reserve that right.

More information

How do I join?
Guild roster
Knights of Eminence back-story


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