Joining the Guild

How do I join the guild?

There are several methods of getting in contact with us below. Tell us a little bit about yourself, why you want to join the guild and we suggest that you leave the name of your character or Guild Wars 2 account so we can add you to the guild.

  1. Leave a comment below on this page. (I will respond without showing your message to the public, but I will use your username in the beginning of my comment. Scroll to the bottom to see if I have responded.)
  2. Send a message to me or Kysin on STEAM
  3. Drop me a PM on Guild Wars 2 Guru or the Official Forums
  4. Send a PM to one of our officers in-game

Is this guild for me?

I am under 18, may I join?

Yes you may. There is no age restriction on this guild because it is always possible that a 16-year-old can be more well behaved than a 30-year-old. We are all about people, not numbers, so we do not plan on moderating with numbers such as an age restriction.

I want to be in the first guild to be on the top of WvW/PvP

Sorry but we have no plans as of yet to rush toward the goal of being the top guild in e-sports. If that is what the guild evolves into, that’s fine with us, but we do not intend to dedicate ourselves to that cause as of yet.

If even a portion of the guild is not interested in hardcore PvP we do not wish to run over their interests. However, if we can have a hardcore PvP team coexist with the rest of the guild, then that would be great.

I never played Guild Wars 1, may I join?

Yes you may. We would love to have you.

I want to do dungeons, obtain prestigious titles, farm for rare items and do heavy trading. Is this guild for me?

We’re hoping it is. We are the Knights of Eminence after all.

I have another guild, can I join this one as well?

Sure that’s fine with us. Maybe we can work together with your other guild in a dungeon or two.


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