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This review will contain no number rating or grade. No one can accurately rate an MMO until they have spent a substantial amount of time with it. The responses I received from the community reviewers were all very positive though.

I asked them about the density of the content and how they felt about the map areas they played in and they liked what they saw. I asked them about the professions and they loved playing them. Some liked specific ones, some enjoyed them all. I asked about the game’s difficulty and they all felt it was in a good place. I asked if any of the game’s bugs and issues caused them trouble and they had very little to say.

The game seems to be in really good condition, and we have only seen a portion of its content. If Guild Wars 2 can maintain its current awesomeness throughout the remainder of its areas and couple that with some difficult dungeons, epic gear and achievements, it could very well become one of the greatest MMOs in history. It has the features, it has the innovation but does it have the longevity? We have to play it to find out. Fortunately that day comes very soon.


Thanks to:

Erring Rift
Raye Lestrange
… from GWOnline

Miku Flarestorm
… from Guild Wars 2 Guru

… from

… from GW2Hub

… from Knights of Eminence

Inspirational quotes from the community reviewers:

“I was always surrounded by things to do, to discover, to look at.”Miku Flarestorm

“The re-playability in this game comes from the many different storylines your main and alt characters can go through, along with dungeons that have some random elements to them. Also there are plenty of crafts to level, puzzles to find and solve, and achievements to obtain. The world is very large, with massive PvP battlegrounds that have small quests and puzzles in them as well.

I hope this helps. No game will please everyone, but Guild Wars 2 has a lot to offer, and for no subscription.”Sylvinstar

“Since viewing the first trailer I have limited my desktop to Guild Wars 2 wallpapers until release. ArenaNet, just know that every day for the last three years my screen has been awaken to your fantastic art team.”Tsskies

“I have sold my soul to ArenaNet.”Raye Lestrange

“23 days is just way too long to wait.”Erring Ryft

“Know that feeling you get when you very first start to explore a new game? You look at the map and see what you’ve explored so far. And at level 2 or 3, what you’ve seen is just this tiny little fragment of the world at large. Along with that, there’s the sense of wonder when you first walk into a new city. Everything is so new and exciting, and you have so much to explore and to do.

My plan is to make this last for as long as I can. Because I really think that ArenaNet has done well in making this into a gorgeous game — from details like a pigeon flying by when you get mail, to the ambient sounds in an area changing based on time of day.”nkuvu

Bonus for beta participants:

What new stuff can we expect to see when the game launches?

  1. The fourth day. For the first time ever, those of us who played the betas will be able to wake up after three days of GW2 and STILL have access to the game and our characters. YES!
  2. Dungeons. Sure we had access to one in the beta, but it required more time to get to the required level than many could spare.
  3. Our friends. It should be easier to convince our friends to buy a released game than it was to convince them to pre-purchase an unreleased game.
  4. An economy. Now that players will have permanent characters, earning gold will be a much larger concern.
  5. Dragons!

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2 responses

15 08 2012

Thanks for putting the time into this review. It was very interesting to see how different people felt.

15 08 2012

And thank you for contributing and for reading as well.

I found it interesting how much 15 different people (myself included) felt the same about a lot of the subjects.

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