Five reasons why attending a beta is important to us

1. To pick our main profession. 

No one wants their main character’s birthday to be after the release date because they had to reroll him/her due to boredom with the profession initially chosen.

2. Saving our sanity.

We can only follow the game for so long before we have to play it or go absolutely crazy. Sadly the crazy deadline passed a long time ago for a lot of us.

3. It gives us a way to give back to ArenaNet.

Paranoia and conspiracy theories aside, ArenaNet is actually a great company. So let’s give them our honest feedback and try to be selfless about it. That means leave all of our heated forum arguments at the door and giving every feature an honest try.

4. So we can say “I was there.”

That way a year down the road when someone says something like: “lol i kno wut im talkin bout i play since game come out,” we can just laugh in his face.

5. I need to get my traditional beta/launch screenshot.

OK so this doesn’t really apply to anyone but me. However, some of you may have traditions of your own you can substitute. Here’s the deal: Every beta and launch of Guild Wars or a campaign, I took a screenshot of a female character sitting alone. None of them have ever been my own characters, its usually just some random AFK player. I plan on carrying this tradition through GW2 so if you play as a female Human, Norn or Sylvari and decide to go /sit alone somewhere, don’t freak out if some random guy with the guild tag [Sir] runs up in front of you and just lays down. That’s me trying to get character out of the camera with the /sleep emote so I’m not in the picture.

Anyway, here are a few examples of me carrying the tradition through Guild Wars:

April BWE:



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