10 08 2012

This site serves as a homepage for the Knights of Eminence [Sir] guild, a blog for Guild Wars 2 and gaming related articles and a host for creative works such as fan fiction or drawings.

The blog is broken up into 5 sections:

1. Guild Topics — Here I will be posting events and topics that may be of interest to the guild. Remember, all events in our guild are optional. Play the way you want to.

2. Art, Stories and Characters — Guild members may have their fan fiction, artwork or character biographies posted here. I am working on a lengthy story about my Guild Wars characters called Tree Sheltered City. Check it out.

3. GW2 Info and Opinions — This is the page for stuff related to the game itself.

4. Gaming — We may be Guild Wars 2 fans, but we like to play other games too. This is the place to discuss them and gaming in general. Guild members may have entire articles hosted here.

5. Guild Information — Want to learn more about us, check out our roster or read the rules? Look here.